BlogTalkRadio And Job Search With A Buzz.

In pursuit of the ultimate job search tool, or tools, I proudly present to you BlogTalkRadio.  Now, it’s not the ultimate, but it is a nice arrow to place in the quiver. So let’s start with answering the question.  What is BlogTalkRadio?

BlogTalkRadio allows anyone, anywhere the ability to host and or listen to a live, Internet Talk Radio show, simply by using a telephone and a computer.
BlogTalkRadio’s technology and integration with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, allows citizen broadcasters to create and share original content, their voices and their opinions in a public forum.
BlogTalkRadio is the largest and fastest-growing social radio network on the Internet and has thousands of hosts and millions of listeners tuning in each month.   Why?

  • Thousands of shows: No software download. Free.
  • Live Chat: Lets listeners connect with a community surrounding a show
  • Show Archive: Listen to live streams or take them with you as MP3, RSS subscription or iTunes
  • Reminders: Customized alerts by email or phone for upcoming shows
  • Friends and Favorites; Collect listeners and add your favorite shows
  • Customizable Profile: Add video, a blog, links to other sites or other widgets

As of today, there are roughly 35 shows focused on job search, careers and employment.  Some, better than others.

So, what I’ve done is take a cruise through the BlogTalkRadio world and make an attempt to identify some of the more accurate, entertaining, and helpful job search shows that are available.  You can go directly to the BlogTalkRadio site’s listing for all of the shows.  It includes a brief description of show content along with the date and time of all of the broadcasts.  You can just hang out and listen, or ask question as the shows move along. Many of the shows also provide a live Twitter feed so that you can listen to the show, and tweet at the same time.  If you connect with a potential networking or employment opportunity during the show, Twitter can be a great way to take the engagement to the next level by utilizing the direct message feature on Twitter while listening.

You’ll notice that you can also listen to shows on demand, and go back and search the archives for titles of show topics that are of interest to you by clicking the “on demand” tab.  You are also able to see a list of upcoming shows as well as those that are currently on the air.

Lastly, you’ll notice some of the shows have a “Featured” icon on their cover.  This is irrelevant.  I’m not trying to be “snarky”, it’s just that it does not seem to be an indicator of what is or is not a good show….in my never so humble opinion.  Some shows that those on our team have spoken of highly are the followwing:

  • Drive Thru HR…Link.
  • You Can Get Hired Radio Show…Link.
  • The Job Search Boot Camp…Link.
  • HR Happy Hour…Link.

Really bad show names, but I didn’t pick em.  Pretty good content on the above though.  See you soon.

Buzz Smith is SR Curmudgeon and VP Consulting Services for OPI.  OPI Outplacement.  National Outplacement and Career Transition Services Located in Knoxville, Tennessee.


About Buzz Smith

Welcome. My name is Charles “Buzz” Smith and I’m the SR Curmudgeon of Consulting Services at OPI National Outplacement. My role, in addition to agitating our sales personnel, and consultants is to take the lead on delivering outplacement and career transition services that are effective. I blog about career stuff when my wife of 40 years, Linda banishes to the garden.

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