Eliminating The Resume Black Hole With A Buzz.

I hear from candidates regularly that perhaps the worst part of the job search process spending time and effort submitting job applications, which then get lost forever in the black hole from which no resume can return.  I got turned on to a new technology that seems to have come out of the beta testing process relatively unscathed and, successfully into real-word application.

StartWire is free, easy to set-up, and works across all industries and functions. You simply share some basic information about where you’ve applied and your application. After that, StartWire provides daily updates for all ‘tracked’ applications and instantly notifies you with an email or text message alert if your job status changes. Startwire supports more than 2,150 employers with that number apparently growing to more than 5,000 in the coming 2 months.

Using Facebook Connect or LinkedIn’s API, Startwire helps you close the circle as you do your job search.   It helps businesses see how the prospective candidate is connected to its company contacts as well.  You are allowed to confidentially share job search activity with a few trusted friends to get their advice, inside connections, and support. Using what’s called a Postcard, you can share your interest in a specific job or your complete job search history and receive confidential advice and connections without the risk of data being shared on more public social platforms.

The analogy being used most frequently from a user perspective is that of TripIt.  Rather than managing your travel plans, your job search becomes more streamlined…well the job board application component of it.  That is a time consuming piece for those still banging away in that venue.  Once you’ve shared where you’ve applied you can really just sit back and Startwire will check the job, your application, and shoot you any status updates via email or text.  You’ll know immediately if the job is active, whether or not the application has been looked at, are you moving forward, dead in the water, etc.  You’ll get a little red, yellow, green light indicator of your chances of getting a call based on how long the job has been listed, when you applied, and industry benchmarks for the general cycle time to fill the job.

You can create accounts using Facebook or LinkedIn and then leverage the networking suggestions of who you know at a particular company when you like a job. You can reach out to your network inside StartWire, and when you receive a response it remains private.  Lastly, as many of you know I’m a big fan of GlassDoor.com, and you’ll be glad to know that StartWire is integrated with them, and can obviously provide you with potential interview questions. Pretty cool.

Buzz Smith is SR Curmudgeon and VP Consulting Services for OPI National Outplacement.  OPI National Outplacement and Career Transition is Located in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Buzz can be reached at 865.531.9154


About Buzz Smith

Welcome. My name is Charles “Buzz” Smith and I’m the SR Curmudgeon of Consulting Services at OPI National Outplacement. My role, in addition to agitating our sales personnel, and consultants is to take the lead on delivering outplacement and career transition services that are effective. I blog about career stuff when my wife of 40 years, Linda banishes to the garden.

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