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Atlanta Partners With TweetMyJobs For New Job Search Platform.

If you live in Atlanta, jobhunting may have just gotten a whole lot easier.

The city has inked a deal with TweetMyJobs to start a jobs platform specifically for Atlanta, where employers can post for free and jobseekers can have job alerts sent to them by email, SMS, or Twitter.

Of course, TweetMyJobs already lists jobs posted in Atlanta, but making the service free to use for Atlanta employers will surely generate more interest.

The platform is especially useful for anyone who doesn’t have access to a smartphone, because SMS job alerts can come in at any time.

TweetMyJobs is also providing analytics data to the city of Atlanta, the press release announcing the deal said. “On the job seeker side, the analytics platform will track the number of citizens pursuing job opportunities, the type of positions being sought, the level of position and the industries in which job seekers want to work. On the employer side, reports will show the number of jobs posted over time as well as the type, industry and location of available opportunities….This data will provide government leaders with hyper-local insights that can help steer key strategic decisions to foster future job growth and enhance relations among the government, employers and citizens.”

Let’s see some other cities get initiatives like this.

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