LinkUp’s Job Search Mobile App Stays Current.

By Anthony Carranza for
Minneapolis – LinkUp is a job search engine online based in Minneapolis that uses a unique approach by aggregating current jobs from company websites.
The job search engine, LinkUp continues to evolve its mobile app functionality. Job seekers can take advantage these days from the convenience of their smartphones and use this app that distributes your jobs through its “Job Search Engine app”.

Once upon a time, newspapers and the classified section was the go to resource for the latest job posting and openings. With the advent of the mobile phones and its post revolution, owners of multi-touch devices can quickly search for jobs via these powerful apps. This has forced not just newspapers to revamp their job distribution posts and create apps of their own, but other companies in many different sectors have made the leap in the age of technology.

LinkUp proclaims that because of its constant updates, upgrades and new features built within the app they are rated among the best in the market. Did you know they were nominated by as the Best Job Search engine? In fact last year they received this outstanding award. My own experiences using this Job Search app its definitely got useful information for job seekers by location.

The advantage of LinkUp and for job seekers who you will use it can find an app for the Android, iPhone and the iPad. In addition, you can visit the Twitter and Facebook page to learn more about what it is they offer.

The company has also partnered with Hire*A*Droid, which will allow employers leverage more exposure to their jobs, according to the LinkUp press release.

If companies still consider mobile as an option or a strategy in today’s market it’s an outdated idea. It’s a must and a requirement to start tapping into the millions of possibilities this brings to the company’s growth in terms of business.

LinkUp’s job seeker quote of the month

“Hi, I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know how much I appreciate your website. It’s probably the most useful of all the ones out there. is mostly junk jobs I call them, I post my resume there and all I get is Insurance company sales jobs, not real jobs at all. I thank you for your efforts. In this economy, this is exactly whats needed, true, reliable, information. I’ve been using it for a while, have shared it with friends/family, and Facebook. Thanks again,” -Rick B


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