fresh Online Resume Key To Job Search.

The recession may be over, but job seekers still need advice on how to land that perfect position.

Terri Carpenter, a career counselor with job training agency SETA/Sacramento Works in Sacramento, Calif., answers reader questions this week as one of our “Ask the Experts” writers.

QUESTION: I recently retired after teaching 22 years in the same school. I would like to apply for part-time jobs, but need to create a resume. As I held my most recent job for so long, is prior employment applicable? For example, I worked as a manager in a trendy store, but that was 30 years ago. Would I include it if applying for retail work now?

ANSWER: Instead of a chronological history of your past employment, I would develop a “functional resume,” which focuses on your skills, abilities and qualifications. It shows your past experience and qualifications without referencing an employer that you worked for decades ago. You can easily change this resume for different industries by using bullet points indicating your experience and skills.

It’s especially helpful for those who have been out of the workforce or have gaps in their employment, whether for illness, child care or job loss.

For more information and samples of a functional or “skills-based” resume, visit or

Q: I’ve been out of the job market for several years because of illness, but want to get back in the game. I’m a software developer and have kept my skills up to date.

How can I jump back into the market? What type of job am I more likely to land: permanent or contract work? Since my resume is out-of-date, what should I include? Do past accomplishments count for anything?

A: The first thing I suggest is updating your resume using the “functional” format where you focus on your qualifications, skills, abilities and experience.

Contract work is definitely the trend in the software development industry. Most software development firms like to hire contractors for specific projects, which gives them the ability to check your skill sets and see if you are a good fit for their firm. Employers often retain the contract employee in a permanent position.

Most local software development companies are using LinkedIn for candidate searches. I recommend creating a LinkedIn profile, where you can post your resume.

Also, join any of LinkedIn’s software development/programming groups. Many employers use the groups to look for potential candidates. Additionally, LinkedIn has a jobs directory where tech companies often post openings. Many software firms say they prefer to use LinkedIn over traditional job boards because they can find better quality candidates.  Source Credit: Claudia Buck for the Kansas City Star


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