No-Nonsense Guide To Job Search Gives Inside View Of Hiring Managers.

In “Laid Off. A Comprehensive Job Search Guide” (ISBN 1475124392), Mary Ann Anderson draws on her extensive experience helping laid-off workers transition to get a job, keep a job or get another job.

“Laid Off.” demonstrates how readers should design a résumé that will get an interview, present themselves to a hiring manager and prepare for an interview by knowing interviewers’ strategies, methodologies and tricks of the trade. A must-read for anyone looking for work, whether the reader has just graduated from school, is transitioning from the military, received a layoff notice, has been out of work for some time or is just in need of a new career, this book will help the reader quickly transition.

This how-to guide is written from a unique point of view. The interview chapter is written entirely from the perspective of a hiring manager’s needs, wants and expectations. To be a successful applicant, an individual must quickly discover what an employer really wants and how to match his or her skills and personality to a given job. As Anderson helpfully reminds her readers, it’s not just about the candidate’s qualities; it’s also about the specific demands of the business.

This book offers a list of 171 actions verbs that will get your resume accomplishment statements read and describes the 72 professional strengths that the interviewers claim to be looking for. Anderson includes dozens of interview questions that readers must practice, rehearse and be able to answer with confidence before the big interview is even scheduled. As the country’s largest employers, including the military, continue to downsize and lay off workers, knowing how to find that next job is becoming more and more of a survival skill.

“Laid Off.” is an excellent resource for those looking to plot their next career move. It would make a thoughtful gift for loved ones and friends who are frustrated by a job search that seems endless. Practical, conversational and to the point, this book puts effective work-hunting strategies directly in the reader’s hands.

“Laid Off.  A Comprehensive Job Search Guide”  is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Mary Ann Anderson has more than a decade of experience in training laid-off workers to prepare for new jobs and careers. She has worked as a corporate training consultant for a number of Fortune 500 companies and several military bases. A graduate of the University of Washington, she currently lives in Southern California with her husband, Terry.

Mary Ann Anderson


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