Don’t Take A Summer Break From Your Job Search.

Most of us start to relax a bit as summer approaches. The children get out of school. Families plan vacations and everyone takes a deep (I’ve been working hard) breath.

But career coach Ford R. Myers says if you’re searching for a job, which is also incredibly hard work, summer is a time when you can gain substantial ground.

“Summer is no time for job seekers to be trading in their business suits for swimsuits or their briefcases for beach bags,” Myers said.

With that said, I wanted to share Myers’ tips to make the next three months as beneficial as possible. They’re excellent reminders and calls to action. “Summer is the perfect time for career advancement,” he said.

First, create and control your Internet image. Every professional should have an online presence, wrote Myers, whether it is LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook. I’d add Twitter to the list as well, especially as more companies figure out how to use tweets to advance their business.

The goal is to control and carefully monitor your personal brand. Employers are researching you online before making hiring decisions. Make sure what they see is a professional representation of you.

Update your tool kit, Myers said. This means going beyond your resume to include accomplishment stories, a positioning statement, one-page biography, target company list, contact list, professional references and letters of recommendation.

Also, look for networking events, planning meetings and social activities that put you among folks who can help in your search. There are still events going on, even in the vacation season.

Myers takes this a step further, and said the summer is actually a great time to solidify relationships. People are typically more relaxed and feeling more generous. Take time to firm up existing relationships and forge new ones.

Look for opportunities to volunteer. This is an excellent way to meet people and get a renewed sense of purpose during your job search.

You may come in contact with other professionals who may be able to help you. And while you’re at it, offer help to others. It is better to give than to receive, Myers said. And while your focus turns to increasing your circle of influence, make new connections and follow up with those you’ve already met.

Finally, and potentially the most important as you transition through the summer, become an opportunity magnet.

Think and speak positively and stay away from the negative. It’s difficult, I know. But poise yourself to attract, interview and “hire” your next employer. Remember what all you bring to the table. It’ll transfer to those you meet.

“If you are currently in transition, these strategies should give you fresh perspective on a summer job search,” Myers said. “Instead of ‘taking a vacation’ from your career development activities, take full advantage of this overlooked opportunity to make real progress in your career quest.” Source/Credit: Bobby Sisk for the


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