Are you forgetting the obvious in your job search?

Job seeking can be so stressful, it’s easy to forget important things like…

1) Modifying your resume for each opening is crucial. Whenever you can truthfully do so, include the same job duties in your work history section that hiring companies list in the job requirements for their open position. Also use the same exact key words they use.

What are key words? For an accountant, it could be “tax accounting”, “reconciliations” and “general ledger” … obvious words that companies expect to see in your resume if you are applying to be an accountant.

Weave the right keywords into your online application form responses; in the work history, accomplishments and summary sections of your resume; and in in your cover letter.

2) Having the right person recommend you can make a huge difference. Will a respected employee or client of a target company vouch for you? Then by all means ask them to! Provide them with the job description, your resume and talking points so they can easily speak about you to the right people. Thank them profusely and tell them how their efforts helped.

3) If you aren’t in their salary range, you aren’t in consideration. If your range is far higher than a company expects to pay, either opt to only apply for jobs in your range or convince companies that you will take less.

4) You are up against stiff competition. Since your resume could be one of hundreds, you must actively prove your abilities to stand out. Include quantifiable accomplishments in your resume or send samples and a list of your LinkedIn recommendations to convince the hiring manager.

5) Candidates are rejected because recipients glaze over. Give recruiters a break. Write a genuinely interesting cover letter that states why you are interested in the company and why you are perfect for their position. Make your resume as brief and powerful as possible.

6) Even though you’re good, you may not be right for a job. Companies look for people who are a good fit for their culture. So when interviewing, not only emphasize how well you can handle the job, but also show and tell how well you can become part of their team.

7) Where you’ve worked before has as much bearing as what you’ve done. Corporations want people with corporate experience. Hospitals want people with healthcare experience. To counter such hiring tendencies, play up past experience specifically relevant to their organization-type.

8) Your reputation precedes you. Do former coworkers who are now at your target companies remember you fondly? If not, patch up these relationships so they will help you, not hurt you.

9) One company’s reject is another’s dream applicant. My friend felt the sting of rejection at several places, but was just right for one company. That can happen for you too. Keep working all the angles in your job search including tending to the often overlooked items I mention above. Doing so can help you … Get a Job!



About Buzz Smith

Welcome. My name is Charles “Buzz” Smith and I’m the SR Curmudgeon of Consulting Services at OPI National Outplacement. My role, in addition to agitating our sales personnel, and consultants is to take the lead on delivering outplacement and career transition services that are effective. I blog about career stuff when my wife of 40 years, Linda banishes to the garden.

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