Don’t Rely Solely On Technology For Job Search.

If searching for a new job isn’t hard enough, current technology makes it sometimes even harder. With HR recruiters inundated with resumes from candidates flowing in sometimes by the hundreds and even thousands, they cannot keep up. So HR managers have been relying on specialized software that combs through all those resumes to whittle down the number. More often than not, they get stuck with resumes from candidates who game the system.

Current search software for recruiting can only identify key words that HR recruiters tell it to scan for when searching through resumes. Of course, gaming the system means planting key words throughout your resume so your chances of being “discovered” are greater. Although it makes sense on the surface, oftentimes it just creates more frustration for both parties. Recruiters end up having to review resumes from candidates who are unqualified but cracked the code on the software by savvy use of keywords.

Web-based software is no better. The holy grail of Web-based software was supposed to help connect qualified candidates with jobs they actually are qualified to apply for. HR recruiters were hoping that Web-based solutions could help them weed out unqualified candidates. Instead they are still stuck with people who apply for positions they are not qualified for.

Getting frustrated

Likewise, job-seekers end up frustrated by the impression that Web-based software just doesn’t help them get connected effectively. This is partly caused by some job seekers themselves who blindly apply for positions they have no business applying for.

Recently I was recruiting for a Web developer. I submitted a very clear and detailed resume into the local online job bank. Nearly 80 percent of the resumes I received were from people who were in the IT world but not in the Web development world. Or they were graphic designers who had little Web development experience but now wanted to play in that field. It was as if they didn’t bother to read the job description and just sent their resume in anyway. This is another example of the shotgun approach to job search that just doesn’t work.

In a world that is continually dominated by software “solutions” for effectively connecting employers with qualified candidates, what are you to do? Well, if you read this column often enough, you already know the answer. You don’t go though HR or apply online. I know, it’s not what we are trained or conditioned to do during a job search.

Building a bridge

Use the online job banks, whether or a company website, as a place to locate job opportunities. Then use your research skills to find ways to interact with hiring managers or other key influencers who could help build a bridge that connects you to a job.

Make sure you have a way into an organization without having to first try your luck through the HR tunnel. The only way to do that is to keep building your contact database. The more people you know, especially in your field, the better your chances that someone will be able to help cut through the technology clutter and get your message to people who can make things happen.

Source/Credit: David Dirks for Mr. Dirks is the author of “Job Search Marketing: Finding Job Opportunities in Any Economy.” Listen to his podcasts at


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