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Social Media In Your Job Search.

The best way to find your next job is through networking.  Networking meetings, tapping  your  personal network, and industry associations are helpful.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all proving useful job-search tools.


This site connects you to the people you know, as well as allowing you to see the profiles of anyone else on LinkedIn. It  gives you a way to connect with them.  Some actions to leverage LinkedIn.

Company Search: Use LinkedIn when you have a specific company that you are interested in, and search on that company for people who are connected to others you know.  Ask your contact to connect you.  You can pay an additional $30 dollars per month, for the opportunity to email people who you don’t have a contact in common with.

Job Postings: LinkedIn allows employers to post jobs on the site.  The jobs are authentic, and professional.

Email: A  transition step is to email those in your LinkedIn network, letting them know of your situation, and asking for any help, or people they can connect you with.

Blog Link: LinkedIn gives you the ability to link your blog to your profile.  Every time you post , it can update on your profile.   You can also include the updated blog posts in your weekly emails that go out to your connections.

Twitter Link: Like the Blog Link, LinkedIn can pull your posts from Twitter.  Helpful for those in your network  not  on Twitter.

Recommendations: Secure as many quality recommendations for your profile as possible.

Status UpdatesUpdate your status to inform your connections how your  search is going.

Headline: LinkedIn provides a place to add a professional headline.  Think in terms of your “Summary fo Qualifications.”  Don’t be a “Consultant.”  Be a “Innovative marketer with a drive for results.’

LinkedIn 101: Follow this video link on how to set up your LinkedIn profile.  This video link, “How to use LinkedIn: 5 Ways in 5 Minutes” is a start. This video will give you some more tips on how to use LinkendIn for job hunting.


Free site that allows you to connect with people you don’t know, based on common interests.  Networking, period.  Become to people who are involved in your areas of interest.  Learn about openings at a company, and tweet to ask if anyone knows of this company.  You may find people of Twitter that have heard the same, work at the company, or know someone who does.

Connecting: When following, or being followed, read their bio.  If it looks like they work at a place you fine interesting, reach out.  Some say no, or don’t respond.  Most tweet back.

Twellow: Amazing new Twitter tool.  Actually searches people’s bios and URLs on their bios.  Do a search on Twellow for ABC Inc., and you will see those employees that work for ABC, Inc.  Tweet them, network.

Twitter Class 101: Follow this video link to set up your twitter account.  Follow this video link on how to use Twitter.  Go here to view our  Top Ten Twitter Job Search Tips


The fact that Facebook has more than 300 million users is a good enough reason to use it as a job search and networking too.  Many recruiters, and employers alike use Facebook as a tool to reach out to potential candidates.  Remember that prospective employers can see pictures posts on your wall.  This video shows you how to set up a Facebook account.  You may also want to go mobile, and watching this video shows you how to set up your Mobile Facebook.


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